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We offer 4 types of Spanish courses that we will adapt to your needs, tastes, interests and learning style:
  •  Learning Skills:
            • Speaking and interaction (conversation)

            • Writing skills
            • Listening
            • Reading

     Grammar and vocabulary

     Adapted to the Instituto Cervantes Program

     All levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced (A1, A2 / B1, B2 / C1, C2)

  •  Guidelines to have and maintain a fluent conversation in different contexts and situations: formal, informal, academic, professional, etc.

     Emphasis on pronunciation and on speaking and interaction skills.

     Conversation topics depend on the student’s tastes and interests (current affairs and news, intercultural matters, cinema, art, literature, music, politics, economy, etc.).

     Levels: high beginner to advanced (A2 / B1, B2 / C1, C2)

  •  Focused on specific contexts. We offer:

    Business Spanish – If you need to professionally specialize your Spanish to establish business relations, we will focus on specific vocabulary, negotiation, cultural differences, telephone conversations, emails, presentations, etc.

    Medical Spanish – If you need to attend a conference and communicate fluently with other colleagues, we will offer you the most important guidelines, both verbal and cultural.

    Spanish for Customer Service – Whether you are required to make phone calls or handle clients, we will teach you the main guidelines for proper service and practice using role-playing.

    Spanish for Tourism – If you need to improve your Spanish in this area (tour guides, hotel / cruise or restaurant workers, travel agents…) we will role-play for practice.

    Spanish for Job interviews – If you are applying for a job, we will teach you how to prepare for a job interview in Spanish: talk about your work experience, your academic and professional achievements, correctly respond to specific questions, prepare your resume, etc.

    Spanish for flight attendants – Guidelines for effective communication and passenger service during flights.

    Spanish for travelers – If you are traveling for business or pleasure to a Spanish-speaking country and have no prior knowledge of Spanish (or you studied it many years ago and don’t remember it well), you need “Survival Spanish”: basic cultural and verbal guidelines for your trip (greetings and introductions, asking for directions, making hotel reservations, ordering at a restaurant, shopping, local cuisine and customs…).

     Levels: high beginner to advanced (A2 / B1, B2 / C1, C2)

  •  Preparation for official exams, such as the LPE, the DELE and the Camara de Comercio. This course consists of:

            • Review the grammar pertaining to the level
            • Practice exercises for the following skills
            • Reinforce the test content
            • Practice with the “practice tests” of the exam
            • Know the assessment criteria and structure of each test

     All Levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced (A1, A2/B1, B2/C1, C2)

Tailored Spanish courses

Are you looking for something more specific? We offer customized classes that can be more topic-focused or can help develop or reinforce a particular skill. Just let us know what interests you and we will adapt your Spanish courses to those preferences.

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