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Aprende hablandoConversational Spanish. Read and Speak | Aprende hablando
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This type of training offers you the opportunity to combine reading comprehension, oral expression and interaction with a highly-qualified native teacher to improve your conversational Spanish.

Read the daily news articles that we give you to improve your level and then talk about them to one of our teachers. We provide relevant news from newspapers, magazines and websites of the Spanish-speaking world (Spain and Latin America). In this way, you will be able to discuss the main points of the article and work on your oral expression and conversation skills.

Select the article based on three criteria: your interests, your mood and your Spanish level of proficiency.

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Why read?

Linguistically, reading the news in Spanish will help you to learn new words and expressions, improve your pronunciation and familiarize yourself with different uses of grammar. But it will also help you to:

        • stay up- to-date
        • understand other people and cultures
        • form your own opinions
        • become more confident
        • think in Spanish

From reading…
… to speaking: talk, talk and talk

There´s no better way to put what you have learned into practice than through oral expression. What’s the secret to speaking fluent Spanish? Practice as much as you can and always try to improve your current level.

Being able to control a conversation in Spanish requires a prior knowledge of other skills (listening, reading and writing) as well as oral grammatical structures and vocabulary. It is the last step in a long process. But we encourage you to not give up when you lose motivation. Be aware of these prior steps and continue practicing as much as you can, no matter how low your level is initially.

A little bit of prep work will need to be done before the session begins, which will enable you to get the most out of your class.

Our teachers will help you from the beginning, focusing on vocabulary building, pronunciation, oral grammatical structures, error correction and understanding phrases and expressions. Our goal will be to optimize the abilities of each student for the best verbal practice possible.

The student’s development will be documented in a record, so there will be documentation for the progress made as well as the weak points to be reinforced.

Ready to get started?

Start by reading the articles in Spanish, choose the one that interests you the most according to your level, and book your class. You will begin to see results within a few sessions!

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